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Butera: Flakes

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Name: Golden Cake
Type: Pressed Virginias
Strength: 6
Photo: Tin - Tobacco
Butera: "A wonderful Bright, Golden Virginia long-leaf, ripened to perfection, mellowed for years then flue-cured until fully seasoned. Layered and aged in cakes, the natural sugars and oils are released and held under pressure to further enhance the individual zest of each leaf. The tobacco is sliced into beautiful flakes and immediately vacuum sealed to preserve its delicate, sweet essence and smooth, delicious taste. Golden Cake offers a rich and satisfying smoke, with a most exquisite and smooth finish...Light, elegant aromas throughout."
My Comment: The stamp on the can base says it was sealed in 1995. To tell you the truth, I was scared the tobacco might be too dry, as it had happened to me repeatedly with this kind of seal (not vacuum sealed, as the manufacturer declares). No, the tobacco was fine, which truly impressed. As soon as I opened the can, I got the typical smell of a McClelland tobacco. The "cake" is indeed of a "golden" color, and is very appealing. I find it a bit hard to rub out, due to the "not-fine" cut of the blending tobaccos used. However, it was easy to light. The taste at first is a mixture of sweet and sour. Gradually the sourness disappears and gives way to evident spiciness, which I felt not only in my nose, but also in my throat. Slowly the promised sweetness comes through and stays there all the time. It's true: There is a high sugar content in this way, which may cause it at times, and depending how it is being puffed on, to burn hot. Also, it's one of those tobaccos that is ready to bite your tongue hard and bad if you're not attentive. The taste and aroma are consistently pleasant, and it does become evident that this is a complex blend created through a complicated process. The tobacco has very good combustion qualities and burns down to a very fine, light gray ash. I would recommend you let the tobacco dry out a bit in the open air if you think it is indeed a bit moist; it is better more dry than moist. I have also found it best to rub it out well and pack it lightly. Also, it seems to smoke best in a medium size bowl (large should also be fine).