Italian Flag Cutting & Curing Briar Wood
Salvatore Posella At Work ©

Salvatore Posella
Salvatore Posella

In the first few days of 2007, I had the honor and pleasure to be the guest of the Posella family. The Posella's have been famous as first-class suppliers of Calabrian briar, not only in Italy, but at the international level, as well. My friend, Vitaliano Posella, arranged a day with his father, Salvatore, in the Posella briar mill. Salvatore has been a briar supplier for over 60 years, and I was truly honored to see him at work. As you will see from the presentation, the work is unbelievably dangerous, and it is simply beyond belief how fast and how accuratel, Mr. Posella cuts the big chunks of wood, using a gigantic round saw. He constantly stops to examine the grain as well as natural flaws. His objective is to cut the largest piece of plateau, with as few flaws as possible, maintaining the best of the grain. A small mistake and the piece is ruined or at least severely compromised. He does all that with incredible speed and precision. After showing me how he cuts the briar, he took the time to show me the huge metal container which the family uses to boil and cure the wood.
I took numerous pictures during this exciting experience. I didn't add comments since most of what is happening is self-explanatory. I just hope that this picture presentation helps raise the awareness of pipe smokers and collectors of the incredible devotion people, such as Salvatore and Vitaliano Posella, never fail to demonstrate. I personally believe that we owe them as much as we owe pipe makers.
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Salvatore Posella & His Gigantic Saw

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