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"Ode to Best Brown" By Scott Curtis

Ode to Best Brown

By Scott Curtis

  Oh my Best Brown,
you have captured my soul
I am the happiest in my town
when you have graced my bowl

I found you in a tobacco trade
I sampled you right away
of your strength I was afraid
but the room did not sway

Other tobacs I have tried
they left me feeling flat
after the bowl went out I sighed,
I don't need any more of that

You are spicy and full
your flavor is robust
I take a flake and pull
apart the stuff I can always trust

Whether in a Bang or Pete or Boswell,
your reputation for superior flavor
has never stumbled or fell
You are a constant that many pipesters savor

Best Brown I will smoke thee
until the day I can no longer breathe
And when they all say farwell to me,
I will want you tucked in my sleeve