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First SmokeStyle Pipe Show Report (2006 ~ Bologna)

In spite of the incredibly hard work, time, energy that the SmokeStyle committee invested in organizing and preparing for this show, they didn't expect it to be such a huge success. Indeed, the First SmokeStyle Pipe Show left all the participants with the determination to come back next year, and thanks to all the overwhelming positive feedback, so many people who didn't come this year have already vowed their presence next year.
The number of exhibitors was a lot higher than anyone anticipated, and more importantly, most of the people who had tables and stands rans among the most famous and respected in the world, and here, we're talking about pipe makers, pipe retailers, pipe makers, collectors, cigar manufacturers, etc. The First SmokeStyle Pipe Show 2006 was a truly exciting event for all those who cherish their smoking and their "smoke style", whether they smoke pipes, cigars, or both.
The show was held at the best imaginable location, at a 4-star hotel in the most logistically attractive area of Bologna, Italy. The area is full of excellent restaurants and downtown Bologna is only 4-5 kilometers away. For more information about the show and to make sure you have a table or a stand next year, please refer to the show's official website:

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