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A Guide to the Radice Grading System ©

Radice Logo

All the Radice pipes are stamped:   RADICE ~ hand made in italy
Other moneclature would refer to finish, grade and other features and accessories (see below for more information).

Please note that the following photos are meant to be only illustrative.

This page is intended to illustrate and explain the different Radice pipe grades, as well as some of the unique features and addition the Radice pipes enjoy. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

On this page: Grading System Logos Extras Brochure

The Radice Grading System
Grade Description Sample
Rind Rusticated
Silk Cut Sandblasted
Underwood Carved (similr to the famous Candledrip)
Rubino/Nut Smooth, with a red or walnut stain
Dark Smooth, with a dark stain
Clear Smooth, with a natural color finish
"F" or "OP"
Either Straight Grain (F) or Bird's Eye (OP)
Collect Unique pipes in term of shape and exection, regardless of finish

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Placement & Interpretation of the Radice Logo
Description Sample
Normal logo:
Two dots placed vertically to the shank
Twin Bore logo:
Two dots placed horizontally to the shank
Oil-Cured logo:
Two separate dots, one dot on each side of the mouthpiece
Filter logo:
Two dots placed vertically to the shank, on the side

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Radice Extra Features
Feature Description Sample (if available)
Bamboo Briar shank, carved to resemble bamboo
Bamboo Real bamboo
Brass Bowl rim with a brass pattern
Horn/Briar Mouthpiece made of one of these two materials -----
Spiral Shank & Mouthpiece shaped as a spiral
Engraved Silver A silver band, with a hand engraved pattern
"O" Indicating a wooden insert
"G" Indicating a pipe extra large in size -----
"GG" Indicating a MAGNUM pipe
T/O A pipe with a Twin Bore mouthpiece
"oil cured" A pipe cured with oil -----

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The following are scans of the Radice pipe brochure. (Click to enlarge)

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