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Alberto Montini, MASTRO DE PAJA

Alberto Montini

An Accountant by Education, a Businessman by Nature!

Alberto Montini, the owner and general director of Mastro De Paja, was born in Pesaro in 1956. After completing his studies, and in 1978, he started his career as an accountant. In 1983 he had already reached the position of "commercial director" at a company specialized in office equipment. It was then that his talent for business was recognized by Mr. Terenzio Cecchini, who was then the sole owner of Masto De Paja. After long negotiations, Alberto decided to join the now famous pipe making factory. The brand, under Alberto's direction, soon reached high standards and gained great popularity on international markets, especially in the USA. Thanks to his hard work and talent for business, Alberto soon became Mr. Cecchini’s business partner. That was only the beginning! In 1995 Alberto became the new owner of Mastro De Paja and has continued his labor of love to this day.

In his free time, Alberto loves singing, something he has been praticing for the past twenty years. He's also into acting, and occasionally he plays roles at several of the local theaters. He finds both singing and acting to be a great way to release the tension that is associated with his endless business trips and the life-determining business decisions he's faced with more often than he would like.

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