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Stefania & Maurizio Tombari, LE NUVOLE

Stefania & Maurizio Tombari

Stefania & Maurizio truly make a perfect couple. Both have a solid background and education as artists. Maurizio has always been interested in sculpture and wood work; Stefania is more into painting and drawing. Both love music and poetry. After having obtained a university degree in art from the Italian Academy of Art, Maurizio fell in love with pipes, as works of art, while passing by a tobacco shop window. He later got the opportunity to work for a famous pipe maker based in Pesaro, where Maurizio has always been living. For the years that followed, he learned more and more the secrets of successful pipe making, particularly the technical aspects. However, it was not enough!

A few years ago, Maurizio, with the never-failing encouragement of Stefania, decided to create his own pipe brand in order to be able to express his feelings and experiences through his own creations. "Le Nuvole" was born! Stefania has always played an important role in the birth and development of the name "Le Nuvole". A lot of the artistic shapes are based on her design. She is also a severe critic and would not hesitate to either encourage or discourage Maurizio when a new pipe shape is born.

Maurizio and Stefania primary pastime is going to the sea side, which is very close to their house in the center of Pesaro (naturally weather permitting). They love everything that is natural and unspoiled by man, from the pasta they eat to the sun cream they use when on the beach. Their house is a true artist's house: Nothing is out of place, and there is something to examine and contemplate almost in every corner. Lights are arranged in a way that no only relaxes but also inspires and provokes thought. Music and poetry are abundant in the Tombari residence. The Tombari's beautiful pipes can be viewed here:
Le Nuvole Pipes .