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Franco Rossi, IL CEPPO

Franco Rossi

Franco is in late forties, married with two children. He used to have a big passion in life, and that was soccer. He was part of a competitive team for a big part of his life. He reluctantly had to quit serious competition due injury. He still plays occasionaly with his old team mates. The other passion that appeared on the scene and filled the gap is pipe making.

Though Franco remains 'new' to the business of pipe making, he has proved himself to be a master pipe maker. All Il Ceppo pipes are made exclusively by Franco and his sister. Franco takes care of the technical aspects of pipe making (carving, shaping, drilling, etc), while his sister takes care of the finishing and the tinting of pipes.

Franco is probably the most modest and down-to-earth pipe maker I have known. You tell him that Il Ceppo pipes are great smoker, he tells you: "Maybe, but those other pipe smokers even better." Oftentimes, he would discard a beautiful pipe in front of you, simply because he doesn't like it!